• Understand your credit profile
• Your creditworthiness always at hands
• Protect yourself from credit frauds 365 days a year

ID Protection 365 features


Request and download up to 6 reports/ 6 months to check your credit history and credit score, monitor changes and discover whether you're a victim of identity theft


Protects your identity by notifying you when a new credit application is made using your personal data and is listed on your credit history.
Receive notifications when relevant changes appears on your credit history


Credit Bureau Service is always available to assist with credit reports and gives advice on sustainability and creditworthiness

Why choose ID PROTECTION 365?

Your credit score represents your creditworthiness in financial management. A good creditworthiness can therefore support you in improving
your lifestyle by allowing you to access credit to buy services or goods you might otherwise buy after years of saving.

ID Protection 365 monitors your data and helps you prevent financial fraud, by alerting you in case of new credit line requests, new negative status and new
insolvencies in repayments of instalment contract.

Moreover, if you need to request a loan or credit, or you have been rejected one, ID Protection 365 lets you understand your creditworthiness situation, allowing
you to apply for credit safely and consciously



Rely on ID Protection 365 at launch price of 180,000 VND/ 6 months

How do I active ID Protection 365?

To activate ID Protection 365, click on the “Subscribe” button on this page, or go directly to ID Protection 365 page https://pcb4u.pcb.vn/order-process-idp/.
Our onboarding system will guide you step by step through the registration process, for an easy to complete subscription.
You will be asked to provide your ID document, so keep it at hand!

Which documents do I need to provide in order to purchase the service?

To register to ID Protection 365, you need to provide your ID Card (old or new format are both fine). During the onboarding process you will be guided step by step to take a picture of the front and a picture the back of your ID document. Then the system will take a picture of you, in order to verify your ID card. A short video will follow, to match the picture just taken.
We do this in order to verify your identity, and make sure the data we collect are correct.
Protection begins here, during our onboarding process!

How much does it cost?

ID Protection 365 provides identity fraud alerts and credit reports.
The fee for the service is 180,000 VND/6 months, and it includes: up to 6 credit reports. The system also alerts you via Email any time there is a change in your credit history.

Which payment methods do you accept?

PCB provides online payment via VNPAY payment gateway.

How long does it take to receive the first report?

Once you have completed the registration process and payment, within 48 - 72 hours you will receive a message confirming your account has been activated and you can access your personal area.
When something change in your credit status, the system will send you an alert via e-mail. You log in to your account to view the alert's details, and you can get your credit report included in the service package.
The system immediately returns the credit report to you.

Can I register for ID Protection 365 on behalf of someone else?

No. For security reasons, you can only sign up for an ID Protection 365 account for yourself, not for someone else.

How many report can I request?

At the moment, ID Protection 365 subscription includes 6 credit reports.

What informations are provided on my credit report?

Your credit report contains detailed information on you credit history, including personal data, credit accounts & loans, bankruptcy, overdue payments and most recent requests. These information are also used by financial institutions to evaluate clients' loan or mortgage application. It is therefore important to monitor your credit history and score on a regular basis if you want to apply for credit or if you've been refused one.

If I receive an alert, what should I do?

ID Protection 365's data monitoring system generates an alert every time there is a significant change in your credit profile. For example in case of new credit requests, new insolvencies, credit payment repair.
Alerts can help you verify the information reported and act accordingly. Let's make an example: if a new credit line has been requested by your name but it wasn't you, it might be a case of identity theft and you must take legal action.
If you need assistance, you can us reach via:
Hotline: 0243 9369 558
Email: id365@pcb.vn
Working time: 08:00 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday every week.

Can someone help me understand my credit report?

Our Customer service can help you better understand your credit report, You can contact PCB Customer service via:
Hotline: 0243 9369 558
Email: id365@pcb.vn
Working time: 08:00 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday every week.

What is the difference between ID Protection 365 & “Credit information” application?

ID Protection 365, is the new value-added PCB service that allows you to quickly obtain and examine your credit Information report and at the same time helps you protect your personal and financial data, and to promptly detect financial frauds.
ID Protection 365 sends you an alert any time there is a significant change on your credit history ,an essential tool to prevent financial frauds, that put at risk your credit reputation,.
You can request up to 6 reports in 6 months and you also have a dedicated customer support to better understand your credit reports and alerts received.

Credit Information application is the standard request to access your data contained in PCB Credit Information System, and it is a consumer's right according to Decree 58/2021/NĐ-CP dated 10/6/2021 on provision of credit information service. The procedure takes up to 3 days and you can only request one per year free of charge. For additional requests a fee is applied.


ID Protection 365


Nr. of Full Credit Report available



Creditworthiness index based on your credit score



Detailed risk factors



Subscription duration 

6 months

one time report

Credit data monitoring and Alerts in case: 

  • A new credit application is detected  
  • A credit application changes the status (granted or rejected/renounced)  
  • New insolvencies detected   
  • New negative status information on a credit line   
  • A credit granted changes status in closed 



Alert details in Personal Area (full detail of the credit line affected by the changes)



Hotline to support customers



Response time for assistance on credit report information 

within 24 hours 

within 2 days


180.000 VND, for 6 months service

20.000 VND each, and 1 in a year for free